Terms and Condition

Travel Documents:

        ·  The traveler is explicitly responsible for providing accurate and necessary personal details for a correct booking. Any changes in personal details must be promptly communicated to the journey provider.

        ·  Journey Hoper reserves the right to impose fees for modifications to a traveler's personal information.

        ·  Noting the importance of using the traveler's passport details, especially the first name and surname, during the booking process. Suggesting that married women consider using their original name as per the original documents or government ID.

        ·  Any inaccuracies in the name on an airline ticket may lead to the airline refusing carriage. Travelers must contact Journey Hoper customer service for alterations, with potential fees including administration fees and airline-imposed charges. Journey Hoper does not guarantee acceptance of name alterations by the airline.

        ·  Travelers are responsible for possessing all correct and valid travel documents. Documents include passports, visas, vaccination certificates, birth certificates, extracts of origin, and consent forms.

        ·  Failure to have valid travel documents may result in denied access to the flight.

        ·  Journey Hoper holds no liability in instances where travelers are denied access due to incomplete or invalid travel documents.

Checking In:

        ·  The traveler bears the responsibility of timely check-in with the airline, and some airlines may mandate online check-in. Recommended check-in times vary based on destination, with strict security check destinations requiring earlier check-in. Missing a flight will result in the non-refund ability of the airline ticket.

Pregnant Women:

        ·   Airlines have the freedom to refuse pregnant women based on pregnancy stage. Travelers are advised to consult the terms and conditions of the chosen airline or contact Journey Hoper customer service for more information.

Baby passports and traveling with baby:

        ·  Since June 26, 2012, every child in India, including babies, must have their passport or identity card for international travel. Adding children to their parent's passport is no longer valid.

        ·  In the airline industry, a baby is a child under 2 years old. Adults can generally travel with one baby, and specific arrangements depend on the chosen airline.

Unaccompanied Children:

        ·  Booking for unaccompanied children requires prior contact with Journey Hoper customer service. Airlines may have age restrictions, and travelers must check airline terms and conditions before making a booking for an unaccompanied child.

Flight Times, Numbers, and Routes:

        ·   Flight details provided at booking are subject to change, and Journey Hoper is not liable for losses resulting from airline-induced changes. Travelers are advised to check the actual itinerary 24 hours before departure for any updates.

Compulsory Sequence of Itinerary:

        ·  The Airline Ticket's itinerary is essential, and failure to follow the specified route may lead to canceled onward flights without compensation.

Traveling with Train Tickets:

        ·   Train tickets associated with airport travel must be completed as booked. Train tickets can usually be collected four hours before departure.

Baggage Allowance:

        ·  Baggage allowances vary by airline, and travelers are advised to check the specific details for their booking on www.journeyhoper.com or with the airline's customer service.


        ·   Complaints must be submitted in writing to Journey Hoper within two months of the traveler becoming aware of the issue.

Data Protection:

        ·   Journey Hoper collects personal details for booking execution, forwarding them to relevant service providers. Privacy policies can be found in Journey Hoper's Privacy Statement and cookie policy.

Intellectual Property Rights:

       ·   The website, content, and Journey Hoper brands are protected by intellectual property rights and may not be used without prior consent.


        ·  Acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions includes acceptance of the disclaimer.

Payment Security:

        ·   Transactions with Journey Hoper are secure, protected by VeriSign's SSL technology.

        ·   Feel free to contact our toll-free Customer Service Centre (+91 93111 42166) if you would like to provide your credit card information via telephone.

Applicable Terms and Conditions:

       ·  In addition to Journey Hoper's General Terms and Conditions, specific service providers' terms and conditions apply for scheduled and low-cost airline tickets, hotels, car rentals, and visa services. Travelers are encouraged to review these terms on the respective service providers' websites.