Terms and Condition

Travel documents 

You are expressly responsible for correctly specifying (personal) details that are required in order to bring about and execute a correct booking. If the personal details change in the meantime, the Traveler must notify journey immediately. Journey hoper reserves the right to charge a fee for any amendments to a Traveler's personal details.

Journey hoper hereby emphasizes Customer that the Traveler's first name and surname as stated in his/her passport must be specified as passenger details in the booking process. If you are a Married woman, your maiden name as stated in your passport must be entered in the booking System, rather than your husband's surname. There is also no need to state "spouse of" or "widow of" during the booking process. Examples:– Mr Rakesh Verma would enter under First Forename:  Rakesh  and under Surname: Verma  –  Mr Praveen kumar jha, , would enter under First Forename: Praveen  Middle name : Kumar and under Surname: jha. Do not include any punctuation, hyphens (-) or accents.

In the event that the Traveler uses an Airline Ticket in which his/her name is not stated correctly, this may result in the airline company refusing carriage. If it is established after confirmation of the booking on the Website that the name is wrong or has been misspelt, the Traveler must contact the customer service department at Journey hoper. Fees will be charged in all cases involving amendments to details relating to an existing booking. Journey hoper will charge an administration fee of INR 300. The airline company may also impose amendment charges of its own. Journey hoper cannot give any guarantee that the airline company will accept the amendment of the name details.

You are responsible that you are traveling in possession of all correct and valid travel documents. For completeness sake; travel documents mean all documents that are (can be) required for the entry of a country at the time of your trip. In any case (but not limited to) is meant by travel documents: passport, visa, vaccination certificates, and birth certificates, extracts of origin and consent form(s). It is therefore very important to check several times before department if you obtained all necessary travel documents. For further information in that regard,

Journey hoper recommends consulting the website of the India Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the website of the visa service, which will provide you with the necessary and up-to-date information relating to each individual destination. Local regulations in this area change regularly. If your travel documents are incomplete or invalid, access may be denied to your flight. Journey hoper will NOT accepts any liability whatsoever if the Traveler does not have valid travel documents.

You must bear in mind that many countries demand that your passport should be valid for a further six months after your stay. You must also bear in mind that applying for a valid visa may take some time. Journey hoper therefore recommends that you apply for a visa as soon as possible after you have booked your Airline Ticket. Journey hoper will not accept liability if the Traveller does not hold valid travel documents.

Journey hoper requires you to be aware of the fact that vaccinations and/or malaria tablets are necessary for a large number of foreign destinations. If you have not had particular vaccinations, you may be denied access to a country. Vaccinations may also be required in the event of a short stay, such as a transfer. Various authorities can inform you about the risks of diseases in (sub-) tropical countries and the available vaccinations against those diseases. For advice on vaccinations or diseases, you can contact the Municipal Health Service, a vaccination bureau in your region, or your family doctor. If you are travelling to or transiting the country, and want to make use of the Visa Waiver Program (VWP).

Booking of flights

Once you have booked an Airline Ticket, the airline company concerned will be responsible for the booking, and the travel information — as well as the personal details required for the execution of the trip — will be stored in the Service Provider's booking system.

Check- in formalities and procedure

It is the Traveler's responsibility to check in with the relevant airline company in time. A number of airline companies offer a pre-departure online check-in facility via the website. We recommend that you consult the website of your airline company, in order to see whether that type of facility is available for the flight(s) you have booked. In the case of a number of airline companies, checking in online is actually compulsory,. For the latest information, we recommend contacting your airline company. We recommend that you check in well before the scheduled departure time and go through the (central) security check in time. If you miss your flight, it will not be possible for the cost of your Airline Ticket to be refunded.

Pregnant women

The airline company is free to refuse pregnant women, depending on the stage of pregnancy. Please consult the terms and conditions of the selected airline company for further information. Alternatively, you can contact the customer service department at Journey hoper.

Passports for babies 

From 26 June 2012, every child (including babies) in the India  is required to have his or her own passport or identity card when travelling abroad. This applies to trips to countries both within and outside Europe. The fact that the addition of children to their parent's passport is no longer valid does not affect the validity of your own passport. Your document will remain valid until the expiry date stated in the passport. For more information on this subject, Journey hoper advises you to visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Traveling with babies

In the airline industry, a baby is a small child that has not yet reached the age of 2 years on the date of the flights concerned, either on the outward or the return journey. In general, an adult Traveler is permitted to travel with one baby. Sometimes, it is permitted for an adult to travel with more than one baby, however this will depend upon the airline company you have chosen. A baby is not entitled to a seat of its own. During the journey, the baby must travel on the adult's lap. For further information, please contact the customer service department at journeyhoper.com

Unaccompanied children

Before making a booking for an unaccompanied child, always contact the Journey hoper customer service first. You should take into consideration that unaccompanied children (usually under the age of 18) will not be carried by the airline company. The age for a child to travel alone differs with the various airlines. A Customer is responsible at all times to check the terms and conditions of an airline regarding this matter before making a booking for an unaccompanied child under 18. Journey hoper accepts no liability if the traveler has not contacted Journey hoper before to make a booking for an unaccompanied child.

Flight times, flight numbers and flight routes

The flight times, flight numbers and flight routes notified to the Customer at the time of booking will always be subject to amendments, are not guaranteed by Journey hoper and may therefore be subject to change at any time. It is therefore extremely important to check the actual travel itinerary, 24 hours before departure. You can view your itinerary at concerning airline website. Journey hoper will not bear any liability in the event that the Traveler suffers any losses as a result of changes effected by the airline company. Journey hoper will endeavor to inform the Customer in time of changes to flight times, flight routes and/or flight numbers. That communication will be sent exclusively to the email address specified by the Customer to journey hoper at the time of the booking.

Compulsory sequence of itinerary

An Airline Ticket consists of one or more coupons. Each of these relates to one part of the journey, as stated on the itinerary. The tariff paid by the Customer corresponds to the itinerary as stated on the Airline Ticket. The use of the entire itinerary stated on the Airline Ticket forms an essential part of the contract of carriage between the Customer and the airline company. The Traveler is required to adhere to the travel route stated on the booking. The cancellation or non-use of individual coupons of the trip is not permitted. An Airline Ticket will not be accepted if one or more coupons are not used in the order in which the coupons were issued, starting with the place of departure as stated on the Airline Ticket. If the Traveler fails to turn up for one of the flights, Airline Companies will regard the Traveler as a "no show", which will cause his/her onward flights to be cancelled, without any compensation being payable. If you have booked a flight from Delhi, via Dubai to London, you cannot board to join the flight in Dubai.

Travelling with train tickets

If you have a train ticket for travel to or from the airport, you are obliged to complete that part of the journey you have booked by train. You can collect your train ticket and seat reservation at the special ticket desks at your station of departure, by showing your Airline Ticket and valid proof of identity. Please consult the website of your airline company for details of the various stations where you can begin your journey. In the majority of cases, train tickets can be collected from the designated ticket desks no earlier than 4 hours before the departure time of the train. It is important to arrive on time, as you may need to wait in a queue. You should make sure that your train ticket is stamped by the conductor on the train: if you are taking a flight after travelling by train, you will be required to show your train ticket at the check-in desk at the airport

Baggage allowance

The permitted dimensions and weight of items of baggage are different for every airline. For precise details regarding the baggage allowances that apply to your booking, please visit desired airline website condition of carriage column or contact the customer service department of the airline concerned. In some cases, the airline company may make additional charges for accompanying baggage. These will be displayed during the booking process.

Interest and recovery costs

Any Customer who has not fulfilled his/her obligation to effect payment to Journey hoper in time will owe statutory interest on the amount still owing, unless the terms and conditions of the Service Provider concerned prescribe a higher interest rate. Furthermore, the Customer will be obliged to reimburse all the extrajudicial costs incurred within reason by journey hoper or the Service Provider


Complaints submitted by a Traveler in relation to the order carried out by Journey hoper must be submitted to journey hoper in writing, either by ordinary mail (address – 406 Sun city trade tower sector 21 Gurugram), or by email (ops@journeyhoper.com) within two months of the date on which the Traveler becomes aware of the facts to which the complaint relates.

Within one month of the date on which Journey hoper receives the complaint, the Traveler will receive a written substantive response. If the complaint is not handled to the Traveler's satisfaction, the Traveler may submit the complaint to the Travel Industry Disputes Committee TAAI.

Intellectual property rights

The Website, the content of the Website, with the exception of material supplied by third parties, and the Journey hoper brands, are protected by intellectual property rights. Those items may not be used without the prior consent of Journey hoper, notwithstanding any exceptions permitted in accordance with the law


The Customer acknowledges and declares that by accepting these General Terms and Conditions he/she also accepts the disclaimer

Data protection

When making a booking on the Website the Customer will provide personal details - including payment details - relating to all Travelers on whose behalf the booking is made. Journey hoper(as a travel agent) needs these personal details in order to execute the Contract and are necessary for the formation and implementation of the agreement between the Customer and the Service Provider(s). Journey hoper will forward the personal details to the relevant Service Provider(s). Furthermore, Journey hoper uses cookies on the Website. For more information on how we process your personal details, we would like to refer you to our Privacy Statement and cookie policy , which may be amended from time to time.

Journey hoper partly has data processed by service companies that are involved in the implementation of the agreement for the provision of services. These companies can exclusively proceed in accordance with our instructions and we select these companies diligently. This includes, inter alia, providers of payment systems and companies that perform creditworthy and security checks for us in order that you can choose from several payment options and to avoid problems during the payment and credit fraud. 

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These General Terms and Conditions will always prevail for the purpose of interpreting the stipulations contained herein. If any stipulation contained in these General terms and Conditions is invalid, non-binding, null and void, or subject to annulment, the validity of the remaining stipulations will remain unaffected. As soon as possible after the invalidity, nullity or liability to annulment of a provision has been determined, journey hoper will provide a new stipulation that is, in fact, valid.

Journey hoper reserves the right to amend these General Terms and Conditions. During the booking process, the most recent version of these General Terms and Conditions will always be available for downloading.

Payment Security

Every transaction you do online with Journey Hoper is conducted in a safe and secure environment. Journey Hoper is protected by  Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, which would be the industry leader in encryption technology. Encryption is a procedure that turns your credit card information into bits of code that are safely transmitted over the Internet. As the information goes across the Internet, the jumbled data cannot be deciphered. To the extent deemed required, your credit card information may be shared with our service providers or merchants.
You can call our Customer Service Centre toll-free if you prefer to give your credit card information over the phone.

Please email us with any more questions or issues, and we will respond within 24 hours.


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