Privacy Policy

Data Protection on Journey Hoper Website

1. Personal Details and Booking Process:

  • Customers provide personal details, including payment information, for all travelers during the booking process.
  • Journey Hoper, as a travel agent, requires this information to execute the contract and facilitate the agreement between the Customer and Service Provider(s).
  • The collected details are forwarded to the relevant Service Provider(s).
  • The website uses cookies, and more information about personal data processing can be found in the Privacy Statement and Cookie Policy, subject to periodic updates.

2. Data Processing by Service Companies:

  • Journey Hoper collaborates with service companies for the execution of service agreements.
  • These companies follow by strictly to Journey Hoper's instructions, ensuring careful selection and commitment.
  • Included service providers cover payment systems, credit checks, and security measures to enhance payment options and prevent fraud.

Privacy Statement Overview:

1. Applicability of Privacy Statement:

  • The privacy statement applies to all personal data collected during airline ticket bookings, website visits, or customer interactions.
  • Not applicable to third-party websites linked on the Journey Hoper site.
  • Statement last updated in February 2020 and subject to periodic changes with notifications provided.

2. Data Responsibility:

  • Journey Hoper and Reservation Centre operate as subsidiaries of AKVM Solutions Pvt. Ltd., which is recognized as the leading online travel agency in both India and the USA.
  • Journey Hoper is responsible for collecting and using personal data.

3. Data Collection Categories and Methods:

  • Five categories of personal data were collected, including name and contact details, booking details, customer service interactions, website visits, and social media details.
  • Data is collected through customer input, automatic website tracking, and information from partners and group companies.

4. Data Usage Objectives:

  • Journey Hoper uses data for services, research, direct marketing, and administrative compliance.
  • Specific details on how data is used for each objective are outlined.

5. Third-Party Data Access:

  • Data is shared with partners for booking implementation, group companies for support and marketing, and third-party service providers.
  • International data transfers occur, and appropriate measures are taken to comply with privacy regulations.

6. Data Security and Retention:

  • Technical and organizational measures in place to protect data against loss or unlawful use.
  • Data is retained as required for stated objectives, generally up to 2 years after the last interaction.

7. Exercising Statutory Rights:

  • Customers can exercise rights under data protection laws, including access, rectification, erasure, and objection.
  • Procedures outlined for each right, with the ability to contact customer service for assistance.

8. Payment Security:

  • Secure online transactions are ensured by VeriSign's SSL technology.
  • Encryption protects credit card information during transmission.
  • Credit card information may be shared with service providers or merchants as necessary.
  • Customers can contact the Customer Service Centre (+91 93111 42166) for phone transactions or email for further inquiries (