Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Amendments or cancellations by the Customer

A.      The amendment or cancellation of an Airline Ticket

 After booking, an Airline Ticket has in principle been booked definitively and can no longer be amended (change of name, time, date and/or destination) or cancelled. However, there are exceptional cases in which amendment or cancellation will be possible. If you want to amend or cancel your booking, you can obtain information on the possibilities available and the conditions that apply from the customer service department at Journey hoper.

 If it is possible to change or cancel your Ticket then you need to take into account that this will always bring about costs. This regards the  cancellation and/or change costs that the airline charges. The costs of the change and/or cancellation depend on the conditions of the selected airline and the conditions of the selected Ticket/fare. The administration costs charged by journey hoper for carrying out the cancellation and/or change are at your expense. You should take into account that for the handling of a cancellation and/or change Journey hoper charges INR 300 on account of administration costs if the ticket can be cancelled or changed.

 If the Customer has taken out cancellation insurance for the benefit of one or more Travelers and the reason for cancellation is covered by the conditions of the cancellation insurance, the Customer must still pay Journey hoper the administration fee charged.

  B.       The amendment or cancellation of Hotel Booking

It is not always possible to amend or cancel a hotel booking. If you want to amend or cancel your booking, you can contact Journey hoper for information on the possibilities available and the conditions that apply. Amendment or cancellation of a hotel booking must be made via journey hoper portal/email or vendor directly.

Submission of refund claims

  A.     If the Airline Ticket can be cancelled, a refund application must in principle be submitted within one year of the original departure date, unless the airline company stipulates otherwise. Any refundable amount will be paid back into the account/credit card with which the Customer effected payment, but only once journey hoper has received the refund amount from the airline company. On average this takes two to three weeks, but in some cases this takes considerably longer and may involve a period of six to twelve months.

We will assist in order to process the refunds if  you are unable to use the booking due to any of the listed reasons and have provided the required evidence shown in the individual reasons section below, subject always to the General Conditions of Refund.

     Illness / Injury

     Pre-existing Medical Condition

     Pregnancy Complication

     Death of Immediate Family

     Public Transport Failure

     Flight disruption

     Mechanical Breakdown

     Adverse Weather

     Home Emergency

     Theft of Documents

       Jury Service

     Court Summons

     Armed Forces & Emergency Services Recall

     Relocated for Work

     Changes to Examination Dates

We may also consider other Emergency Circumstances at our absolute discretion and You will need to provide evidence for these circumstances.

General Conditions of Refund

       We do not refund if there is any reason associated with a Communicable Disease (including Covid-19) pandemic or epidemic.

       Any reason for refund must not have existed, been known or reasonably foreseeable at the time you made the Booking.

       We do not refund if Your Booking is no longer wanted or needed.

       We will not pay a refund through this process where your Booking is cancelled or cannot be fulfilled by the provider, or where the provider should refund directly.

       You must make all arrangements to arrive in time to attend the Booking, including arranging any necessary permits, travel documents or visas.

       You must take all reasonable precautions or make reasonable alternate arrangements to prevent or reduce any refund request.

       You will be asked to provide supporting evidence at your own expense, and a copy of the Booking confirmation; we do not issue refunds where you cannot provide sufficient supporting evidence.

       You will be asked to provide your bank account details so that we can make the refund payment directly to your chosen bank account.

       Maximum refund value per person will not exceed the total value of their share of the Booking.