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Songkran Festival

Jun 10,2020

Ah Festivals! The resplendent days which flutter into the bland Canvas of Life and paint it with colors of joy and happiness. Festive days are the heart and soul of the human community and the whole world celebrates innumerable days of festivity every year. Thailand witnesses one such incredible festival on 13th April every year named ‘Songkran Festival.’  Here’s a sneak peek of everything you need to know about this wonderful festival,

What is Songkran Festival?

The Songkran Festival also known as the Water Splashing Festival is celebrated in Thailand from 13th April to 15th April every year. It marks the beginning of the Thai New Year and the lunar change too. In order to celebrate the greatness of this festival, Thais show respect to monks and elders by sprinkling water on their hands and presenting offerings to them. This is a festival full of joy and water splashing which symbolizes love, affection, respect, kindness, empathy and gratitude. During Songkran Festival, water is widely used to cleanse and to wish for plenty of rain in the year ahead.

Best places to celebrate Songkran Festival in Thailand

Songkran Festival is celebrated throughout Thailand with great enthusiasm, but here’s a list of best places to celebrate Songkran Festival in Thailand:-

  • 1.       BANGKOK :- Bangkok celebrates the massive water festival with great glory and immense fun. Friendly water fights and street parties are the main attractions of Bangkok’s Songkran celebration. There are some places in Bangkok that offer you the best celebration of this water splashing festival such as Khao San Road, Silom Road, Phra Athit Road, Sanam Luang and Rattanakosin Square.
  • 2.       AYUTTHAYA :- The ancient city of Ayutthaya is one of the most famous places to celebrate Songkran Festival. Watching Elephants spraying water on people with their trunks is a treat to eyes. Ayutthaya’s floating market is a great fun at the time of this festival.
  • 3.       CHIANG MAI :- Chiang Mai is an amazing place to celebrate Songkran Festival with the perfect combination of fun and culture. Water fights at Thapae Gate and various performances by Thai people in traditional costumes are the main attractions of Songkran Festival in Chiang Mai.
  • 4.       PHUKET :- The beautiful beaches and tourist-centered town make Phuket a prime location for Songkran Festival. The best place for foreigners to take part in the traditional festival of Songkran. Patong Beach is the main attraction in Phuket’s water splashing festival and the Miss Songkar Beauty Parade is also organized here.
  • 5.       PATTAYA :- In Pattaya, the party vibes last an entire week, making it one of the best places for Songkran Festival. One of the biggest water fights, foam parties and the building of exquisite sand sculptures on Pattaya’s beaches are something which you can’t afford to miss.
  • 6.       KHON KAEN :- Khao Niew Road is the main spot of Khon Kaen Songkran Festival. Here, you can enjoy the water splashing activities along with a wonderful parade of Flora Cart, Songkran Beauty Pageant and other entertainment.